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You need an opinion - fast and easily? With the FragOmat, you create a poll in no time at all that can be filled in and edited by your friends, acquaintances and partners via smartphone, tablet or PC.

Create a poll based on your question using any browser or the FragOmat apps. The kind of answers do include text, images and number ranges.

You'll receive a shortened link, which you can share via e-mail, Facebook or any app like WhatsApp.

By clicking on the link, your contacts can answer the poll from any device. Done!

The results can be retrieved any time. There is no easier and faster way to run a poll!

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Poll types

Single or multiple answers, pictures, number ranges.

Anonymous polls

Users are not required to create an account.


New vote or the poll you participated in has ended? You'll be notified!


Works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and any web browser.


Pictures can be uploaded by Drag & Drop.


Choose an expiration date for your polls.


Publish your votes by yourself or let us tweet it for you.

Own answers

Participants can create their own answers.


Own integrated URL shortener

FragOmat account

Manage your polls easily


Direct insight in the poll results


Available in German, English and French.


Customer satisfaction What is the probability that you will recommend the company? Please rate the competency of your employees! How satisfied are you with the working results all in all?

Events How did you like the presentation? Which topics are you interested in most? Where should the next event take place? How do you judge the professional expertise of the presenter?

Human resources In which area would you like to increase your knowledge next year? How do you judge your superior? Which suggestions for improvement are important to you?

Market research Which smartphone do you want to buy? When do you intent to purchase a new PC? How interesting do you find the following ideas for improvement?

Leisure time Which trousers should I take? What could we give Willi for his birthday? Where will we meet for the Christmas party this year?

Formation How do you estimate the degree of difficulty of the test? How much time did the preparation take? How do you rate the instructor?

Create your poll!


You can immediatly see the results of your poll. Use in your presentations!

Use FragOmat for making good decisions. Gain knowledge that you wouldn't have learned without Fragomat!

Everywhere and always available

FragOmat is available free of charge for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and any browser. It runs on all devices and allows you to create polls quickly and easily.

Users of iPhones, Windows Phones and Android devices will find the FragOmat App in the respective store. For all other smartphones, you can use the mobile-friendly website.

FragOmat is available in German, English and French.